1. Find an activity you love – This is the easiest way to motivate yourself to get up and go to your workout every day. Do you like to shake your booty? Try a dance class. Do you enjoy being outdoors and getting a little rush from the view from the top? Try rock climbing. If you like precise movements that target core strength and toning, try Pilates. I truly believe there is a workout for everyone. For me, an epiphany came two years ago when I started aerial arts. Since then, not only have I consistently been doing aerial, but I’ve picked up the pace on yoga, ballet and strength training to condition for it.
  2. Don’t let your current level of fitness discourage you – Are you starting from square one? Well, guess what, so are a ton of other people. There is a class or a gym or a personal trainer just waiting to get you started. I’ve seen absolute beginner ballet classes, surf lessons for newbies, jogging clubs for those who have never jogged a day in their lives and the list goes on. Don’t assumed that being new to a sport or activity excludes you from giving it a try.
  3. Don’t take your own excuses – It’s so easy to make a million excuses as to why you can’t possibly work out – I’m too busy, Work is too intense, I’m too out of shape, I don’t like gyms, I don’t like getting sweaty, I don’t mind being overweight, I’d rather spend time with my friends or play video games. Yet, the facts are, you’ll live longer and reduce your risks of dozens of major diseases by exercising. Plus, you’ll increase the quality of your free time by feeling better and getting sick less. 
  4. Set a weekly routine  – Consistency is key when it comes to working out. It may help to set up a variable weekly schedule ahead of time. I use an old fashioned paper date book for this, but you can use an online calendar or app to plan which days you’ll do what activities. Just make sure you vary your routine to continue to challenge your body and keep your interest up.
  5. Celebrate yourself – Take the time to acknowledge every milestone whether big or small. Did you learn to do pull-ups? Give yourself a pat on the back. Did you run a little father, learn a new move or feel your ab muscles for the first time? All worthy of a little happy dance, particularly since these are steps on the way to long-term health and longevity!

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