Veggie Lush Step #1: Break Up with Sugar

Staring Longingly at my Little Mermaid Cake at my 7th Birthday

Like so many life changes, my journey to health and to a new career choice started with a tumultuous relationship. This relationship began when I was very young, naive and ignorant, and I didn’t know, how could I know, what I was giving up to be in it. Of course, I’m talking about my relationship with sugar. From the time I was a small child, and an ice cream cone or a cupcake or something far worse like Fun Dip (yup, a sugar stick dipped in colored sugar) was a reward, a special treat for being an precocious little girl. I drank capri suns by the dozen, sodas like water, lemonade by the gallon.

After many years of weight fluctuation, and replacing the juice boxes with sugary coffee, diet soda and juice I finally saw a nutritionist. Her main recommendation for me was to cut down on sugar. I was shocked. I thought I ate healthfully, and a little sugar in my coffee or in a protein bar or in my cereal wasn’t going to hurt, was it? Still, she convinced me to give it a shot, and guess what? The stubborn 20 lbs of weight I had gained came off in a matter of months. I felt better, stronger and healthier. I even replaced a lot of the flavor I got from sugar with fats and proteins like nut butters, so I felt fuller longer.

So, my point here is, cut the sugar! The more I’ve learned on this journey, the more I’ve realized that the number one most heinous little bugger in your diet is most likely sugar. I particularly recommend that you cut out any sugar you drink – this is processed by your body more quickly, spikes your blood sugar, causes a mass release of insulin and generally effs up your system. We’ll get into the details in another post. Step #1 of your Veggie Lush game plan: no more added sugars.



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